Masaaki Iiyama

masaaki iiyama



Associate Professor, Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University


Yoshida-Nihonmatsu-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan






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Masaaki Iiyama is an associate professor at Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies (ACCMS), Kyoto University. He received B.S. in Engineering Informatics and M.S and Ph.D. in Informatics from Kyoto University in 1998, 2000 and 2006. Previously at ACCMS as a research associate (2003-2006), at Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University as an assistant professor (2006-2009), as an associate professor (2009-2015). His research interests include computer vision, 3D modeling and pattern recognition.

Recent Activities

  • [11 Jun. 2018] Our paper, "Variational-Bayesian Single-Image Devignetting", is accepted in IEICE Trans. on Info. and Systems.
  • [30 May 2018] We made an oral presentation in Oceans 2018. "Fishing Spot Estimation by Sea Temperature Pattern Learning"
  • [10 Apr. 2018] 1 paper is accepted in ICPR 2018.
  • [16 March 2018] Our paper, "Detecting Deviations from Intended Routes Using Vehicular GPS Tracks", is accepted in ACM Trans. On Spatial Algorithms and Systems (TSAS)
  • [6 March 2018] Our paper, "Photometric Stereo in Participating Media Considering Shape-Dependent Forward Scatter", is accepted as CVPR 2018 (Oral)
  • [13 Nov. 2017] Invited Talk at University of Science and Technology Beijing, "AI Meets Fishery - Pattern Recognition Approach for Fishery Applications -"